Alpha Uniform

Hold on, stay strong
Dusting in the living room
Won't be too long
TV's on the blink
Unsure, and your
Baby's screaming, never mind
No fool, stay cool
Dishes in the sink

Don't frown, calm down
Panic in the shopping mall
It sounds, in town
That you're on the brink
Your poor, we're sure
But you have a video
No cure, just endure
The worries as you think

Hold on, stay strong
Nothing for the tea again
Won't be too long
Nothing in the fridge

Unsure, and your
Neighbour's blaring stereo
No fool, stay cool
Try not to hit the kids

Don't frown, calm down
Husband's with his girlfriend
While he's in town
Sew buttons on his shirt
Your poor, we're sure
Waiting for a miracle
Or you'll endure
A lifetime in the dirt
The Science of Survival

In conscience, in innocence we can't be exempted
Doesn't matter, impossible attempted
It would be a challenge to promote them
If we could survive when support was called in

Don't start away, you made an investment
He insists you have an appointment
Born a by-line, story worth telling
All I want from you is a way of knowing

The science of survival, the one that really counts
The freedom you enjoy, we get more people out
Leaving was possible, their power let us go
Your willingness to lie was more determined than my need to know

Last occasion of unbiased resistance
Protest here, a thing in the past
Taking measures to alleviate harm
Can you help me, can you keep me warm

The science of survival...

An invasion, a resistance, you didn't come in time
I didn't glimpse you through worries and lies
Priority case, all dials are read
What's not clear is left unsaid

The science of survival...

Basement, and watch the stars
Spectate, dramatic arts
Vigils, get off your head

Back to the days, when he read the news
Put in his place, and next door to you
Sits in the window and the climax let him down
Letting it slip and talk about failure now
Don't be too good and it just can't help you now

Campaign, and worship books
Power, the sharpest look
Perfect, because he's dead
Back door, and label-led
Vigils, get off your head

Milled to an edge, no-one was surprised
Down to the edge, time to modernise
Letting it slip and talk about failure now
Sits in the window and the climax let him down
Don't be too good and it just can't help you now

Nightmare, and can't get up
Protest, don't want to stop
Au pair, the birds will sing
Highlight, and on the wing
Vigils, get off your head

South to the sea, with the new brigade
North to the edge, where your dreams can fade
Don't be too good and it just can't help you now
Letting it slip and talk about failure now

Cowboy McLean

Tommy never smiles, never shows emotion
And keeps his counsel but his talent says
I'm your man

Tommy plays around, he's a drop-dead runner
And he puts in passes and the boys say
You're the man

Tommy grows up, he's a real cool thinker
And they're all mediocre but his boys say
He's our man

They go the distance, he's a real big winner
And they put him up on their shoulders and
He's their man

Tommy makes a move, he becomes a rover
But he comes back home when his brother says
You're the man

Tommy makes a splash with his big soul brother
But the fire cools down and he finds he's
Not the man
Waterboy Blues

See the boy in the corner
See him trapped in this place
See him try to be deep
And not just a pretty face

See him play his guitar and
See him blowing his horn
See him singing and smile
To the wish he'd never been born

Said he heard the big music
If he had could he tell
He turns up amps and emotions
They push and so he fell

Said he had to be pagan
Said the worshipped the man

He's inconsistent and shallow
With a limited attention span

Death in Venice was easy
Three chords down to a T
Saw the way that the wind was blowing
And he moved down to the sea

Spoke the fisherman's language
In a cod ethnic style
Needing a lift for the season
And he goes to the emerald isle

And so to new age haven
And so trapped in the spell
Blinded by bogus ideas
The once big music fell

Waiting for Pessoa in mid-day Lisbon
Try to keep cool when the sun is shining
He's not coming, you make a decision
Come back at midnight

Get in to a taxi and start to panic
The driver's lost and has no map
And you decide you have to stop and
Change your shirt

The gypsy woman in the market selling
Looking through them you make your choice of
Lacoste shirts with the crocodile missing
What's your colour

Drive to the graveyard to visit your dead friend
Look him and revise his corpse
And you share a meal, like old-time weekends
Eating sarambullo

We love your stories Mr Tabucci
We never know who is alive or dead
We only know they don't make sense

You call them novels Mr Tabucci
We never understand the ones we've read
We're not too smart, we don't pretend

You need to lie down at the Isadora
For ninety minutes to come alive

And you're offered comfort by Viriata
But you turn her down

You ask the barman for apple Sumol
He gives you Jarelas Verdes dream
And tells you to buy O! Publico
Just like the French

The artist in the gallery after hours
Copying Bosch in miniature scenes
Sells them with a sense of humour
To Texas ranches

Catch a train to visit the lighthouse
Just like a scene from Virginia Woolf
The roof has gone and you can't recall how
You could write there

We love your stories...
County Towns

Don't start till you hear my name
In the underworld we're all the same
It won't matter if you scream and shout
There isn't anyone to let you out

Counting ribbons as you try to sleep
Counting autographs and counting sheep
Counting faces counting shades of brown
Counting rivers, counting county towns

Drum fingers to engage the mind
Dance to any tune that you can find
Only taking tasks you know you'll fail
Felling pillars for the Holy Grail

Counting all the balls that you can hold
Counting blessings as you lose control
Never knowing what the numbers mean
Count money, turn your fingers green
Busman's Holiday

Wake up!, another lovely day
Summer and time to play
Get dressed, you've got to look your best
Chin up, and keep the boys impressed

Last night you were acting coy
Don't want just another boy
Your looks are alive with bait
You know that they just can't wait
She's a real busman's holiday

Smartie, you can hold your drink
Your friend's face is in the sink
No way that you'll lose your head
That way you'll end up in bed

It's fun lying on the beach
Show off, keep out of reach
Turning, working on your tan
Watching for the lucky man
She's a real busman's holiday

Got him!, what a lovely man
Handsome, all-over tan
So strong, you're weak at the knees
Sapling!, fall in the breeze

Next day, nowhere to be seen
Last night, but he seemed so keen
So nice to have him inside
You've been taken for a ride
She's a real busman's holiday

Crazed on Drugs

Finding friends in low places
Judas boy, come like shadows
Where they sing, sabre squadron
Rich and late, where they sing

Bringing forth the survivors
Raven head, hidden bodies
Breeding fresh novel faces
Hear secret harmonies
Crazed on drugs

Evening watch, but no danger
No more scene, all in colour
Far away, merry mornings
Waters rise, writing home

Close at hand, apple my eye
Peachy clean, no more dancing
One more night, no sleep demon
Phantom thoughts, trance trance trance
Crazed on drugs


Flaying your flesh
Getting under your skin
Feeling your pain

I just can't understand your body
I don't want to get to know your mind

You are my strongest dark temptation
Take what I want and leave the rest behind

Are we in love
Do you notice me
Am I just your toy

Impulse and Caution

All things affect us in this quiet
Everything matters now
Senses are heightened in the thin air
Responses careful and low
Shimmering violins are not emotions
You can say anything in music and art
You are impulse, I am caution
But don't let it keep us apart

Listening closely I hear your strange words
Ring loud with grief and delight
Of "dim silk, dark-haired, hired musicians"
In the broadening silence of night
My soul grows hard with clutching at shade

I stretch vain hands, like yours they blush with sin
You cannot save me, pain is coming
If your heart won't let me in

You can fill days staring in mirrors
Ignoring the fevers of life
If you cheat you hurt yourself
And inside quietly die
Old houses hidden behind thickets of trees
Old feelings emitted, only seen by degrees
It only takes a minute to write this down
You don't have to feel it, listen to the sound

What can affect us in this madness
Nothing matters now
Senses are deadened in the full air
Responses late and slow
Shimmering violins will do for emotions
We will look for certainties in music and art
You are impulse I am caution
Nothing can keep us apart

Freiburg (CH) '98

Aimless wander out with easy joy
Reading offers and translating signs
Never nearer to a girl and boy
Waiting for the words between the lines

Walking in Summer, gardens in the rain
Clasping our hands to reinforce the scene
Knowing it's more than talking can contain
Silent but sure of all that's passed between

Sailing down the hills and up again
Watching water cut between the walls
Stop and talk till we remember them
Held entranced until the body calls

Walking in Summer...

I can't go back to unembroidered fact
It's all mundane, I'm on a different plane
So keep me here, to move among the spheres
To stay, to view the beauty and the truth

In his houses finding we agree
Building cast a spell and stop our time
Breathing liquids air until we're free
Arches, windows, pillars: holy lines

Walking in Summer...

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