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Busman's Holiday

Wake up!, another lovely day
Summer and time to play
Get dressed, you've got to look your best
Chin up, and keep the boys impressed

Last night you were acting coy
Don't want just another boy
Your looks are alive with bait
You know that they just can't wait
She's a real busman's holiday

Smartie, you can hold your drink
Your friend's face is in the sink
No way that you'll lose your head
That way you'll end up in bed

It's fun lying on the beach
Show off, keep out of reach
Turning, working on your tan
Watching for the lucky man
She's a real busman's holiday

Got him!, what a lovely man
Handsome, all-over tan
So strong, you're weak at the knees
Sapling!, fall in the breeze

Next day, nowhere to be seen
Last night, but he seemed so keen
So nice to have him inside
You've been taken for a ride
She's a real busman's holiday