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Freiburg (CH) '98

Aimless wander out with easy joy
Reading offers and translating signs
Never nearer to a girl and boy
Waiting for the words between the lines

Walking in Summer, gardens in the rain
Clasping our hands to reinforce the scene
Knowing it's more than talking can contain
Silent but sure of all that's passed between

Sailing down the hills and up again
Watching water cut between the walls
Stop and talk till we remember them
Held entranced until the body calls

Walking in Summer...

I can't go back to unembroidered fact
It's all mundane, I'm on a different plane
So keep me here, to move among the spheres
To stay, to view the beauty and the truth

In his houses finding we agree
Building cast a spell and stop our time
Breathing liquids air until we're free
Arches, windows, pillars: holy lines

Walking in Summer...