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Waterboy Blues

See the boy in the corner
See him trapped in this place
See him try to be deep
And not just a pretty face

See him play his guitar and
See him blowing his horn
See him singing and smile
To the wish he'd never been born

Said he heard the big music
If he had could he tell
He turns up amps and emotions
They push and so he fell

Said he had to be pagan
Said the worshipped the man
He's inconsistent and shallow
With a limited attention span

Death in Venice was easy
Three chords down to a T
Saw the way that the wind was blowing
And he moved down to the sea

Spoke the fisherman's language
In a cod ethnic style
Needing a lift for the season
And he goes to the emerald isle

And so to new age haven
And so trapped in the spell
Blinded by bogus ideas
The once big music fell