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Science of Survival

In conscience, in innocence we can't be exempted
Doesn't matter, impossible attempted
It would be a challenge to promote them
If we could survive when support was called in

Don't start away, you made an investment
He insists you have an appointment
Born a by-line, story worth telling
All I want from you is a way of knowing

The science of survival, the one that really counts
The freedom you enjoy, we get more people out
Leaving was possible, their power let us go
Your willingness to lie was more determined than my need to know

Last occasion of unbiased resistance
Protest here, a thing in the past
Taking measures to alleviate harm
Can you help me, can you keep me warm

The science of survival...

An invasion, a resistance, you didn't come in time
I didn't glimpse you through worries and lies
Priority case, all dials are read
What's not clear is left unsaid

The science of survival...