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Impulse and Caution

All things affect us in this quiet
Everything matters now
Senses are heightened in the thin air
Responses careful and low
Shimmering violins are not emotions
You can say anything in music and art
You are impulse, I am caution
But don't let it keep us apart

Listening closely I hear your strange words
Ring loud with grief and delight
Of dim silk, dark-haired, hired musicians
In the broadening silence of night
My soul grows hard with clutching at shade
I stretch vain hands, like yours they blush with sin
You cannot save me, pain is coming
If your heart won't let me in

You can fill days staring in mirrors
Ignoring the fevers of life
If you cheat you hurt yourself
And inside quietly die
Old houses hidden behind thickets of trees
Old feelings emitted, only seen by degrees
It only takes a minute to write this down
You don't have to feel it, listen to the sound

What can affect us in this madness
Nothing matters now
Senses are deadened in the full air
Responses late and slow
Shimmering violins will do for emotions
We will look for certainties in music and art
You are impulse I am caution
Nothing can keep us apart