Majesty in exile, comfort, wine and empty rooms
One last song for Eleanor and Rachel to the moon
Children made from other people’s wives and never seen
Dust sits on the records, you forget who you have been

And all England brought was rain
And the flowers grow
And you said goodbye again

Sometimes it would work, the children’s toys, the magic show
Sometimes when the whole world raised the whimsy, made it glow
Golden, easy, laid back, low-down, clever, make believe
Whisper in receptive ears, the charming words deceived

And you’ve seen all England’s rain
And it’s time to go
And you’ll never come again

I saw you at the barricades, remember Reading Gaol
I saw you through the window, watching Simon Langton fail
I saw you on the first of June, a minstrel in the sun
I saw you at the end of time, you shine and then you burn

And all England brought was rain
And it's time to go
Don’t look down
A boy recites the table
Strives to count
But the numbers stay unread
They see his worth and they write his life
Open up the world
Just look down
See a man held in the cold

Don’t rest now
The scores are on the table
Makes you bound
To strive to help yourself
Paint the problems and jump the lines
The backroom boys love you
Can’t rest now
When there’s so much left to do

The drive for fairness sings the working day’s defence
The sound of darkness brings the goodness to an end
I want to see your fires burn
I want to see your light return

Don’t slow down
The man is framed and watching
Makes you bound
To understand yourself
You took the score and you sold your mind
Deserved the tempting kiss
Won’t slow down
The boy could not resist

The drive for fairness…
The corner warning, and you take the hill
Lose cares and working days, and weather still
Woods wind slowly as the speed winds high
Dry stone guides you into open sky

If land had nothing it would look like this
A wind howls lonely, fragile life exists
Broken houses sit by broken road
Names of places people never go

The road ran bodies on a dark march home
The road grew flowers marking names unknown
The road housed poets asked to leave their words
The road stole passengers to other worlds
Celebration when you have to go
Hunting tower watch the world below
The road to ruin walked with other shoes
Be the best, the first, and make the news

You saw the winter, planned to bring the spring
You saw the kitchen sink in everything
You faced the music, cast him out to sea
You led the people, sold them, set them free

Fight another day
Look another way
Sing the sainted songs
And leave your station
Drown in honesty
Try to make them see
Tell the truth
And walls come tumbling down
Fly the starry flags and keep your head held high

Hear the chorus, sweetly harmonise
Find the answer to correct the lies
In the darkness vow to keep the faith
Bringing hope to people in despair

Don’t reverse the progress, keep the road
Krasnaya, crimson, smile and end the cold
Build the power, end the underworld
When the building falls survive unheard

The ocean calls, you hear the ships go down
The men you love walking on holy ground
People crying as they cheer your name
On the shoulders, on to greater fame

The lamb awakes, the houses hear him roar
The lion toothless as he was before
Only vanity wants closer ties
In society, and in disguise

Fight another day…
The wind tears the sky
Eins heaven shows
Zwei clouds enfold
Drei wounding strife

And red fiery flames
Vier interwtine
Fünf into my
Sechs damaged frame

My heart speaks to God

Wait in darkness
A hidden soul
Flowers die here
The road alone

My heart speaks to God
Sieben image calls
Acht winter falls
Neun wild and cold
Hard work; Old land
Still fires; Your hands
Temple and the home is sacred
Stone words carry life and meaning
Working on the land you’re happy

Come home; Place names
North star; Full sail
Full sail from the coast is burning
Boats work in imagination
Circles capture stars and freeze them

Once made; Small games
Stone words; Fill frames

Shape her; Sure lines
Break rules; Form shines

Frail things; Life leaves
Art work; Wood breathes
What lasts of the humble workman
Flowers for the passing fashion
Weak son and a slower passion
Sing your song for me
Never ending

Sing your song for me
Give your blessing

Amateur and artless, sisters hand in hand and free
You made the rules and worked your own way
He got the girl, broke up the party, faced the sea
You knew that he was there to stay

Sing your song for me
Till the ending

Heavenly the times you spent came back and said hello
Your secrets sailed and found their own way
The leaving happened, but then understanding grows
Three LCDs that shine today

Sing your song for me
Never ending
Sing your song for me
We remember
Walking in the moonlight
Breathing in the ice-cold air
Shadows gather round us
Witnessing the end of the affair

Your speech was all ready
Your expression said more to me
My objections were pointless
You told me you had to be free

How can you tell me
Our love isn’t there?
You say you can’t help it
You no longer care
I’ve heard that it’s over
But why can’t you see
I can’t love another
Your love still burns in me
Love still burns

I can’t say I hate you
I can’t let it die and you go
After all that we’ve been through
I cry and you don’t want to know

You leave to go home
So easy to push me aside
You don’t turn to wave goodbye
But your love still burns inside

How can you tell me…
There is time for us to look back and explain
If we go right to the start
When we knew we wouldn’t part
There was no-one there before
We were no-one, we were more
It was slowly as we moved away from just close friends

For a while we played and rode time as it flew
We planned all the years to come
And your warm heart pictured home
You were always there to see
There was something more than me
You were sure that we could try to be more than close friends

We found life ran over, filling rooms and warming fires
We were blessed on days like these, what more could we desire
There was no other need
Than just we two
In that quiet life of me and you

There is time for us to think back and agree
If you see what could be here
And understand what’s clear
We were almost something else
There was almost someone else
It passed over and we had to stay as just close friends

If our lives were lessened then you never said a word
As we weathered colder days my voice was all you heard
But in the greater scheme
There’s more than two
An in another life, not me and you

We found life ran over…
Cold lies still, in the morning
Place shadows name, place undefined
Street lamps shining stars from a dark sky
Hiding in rows, life in a line

A winter sea holds men here
Endless in rage, majestic and fine
Small folk sleep in the cradle of a sculpted bay
Living obscure, mute and confined

Silence in the eyes
Framed on a wall
Enchanted forms under hidden sun
Sirens for our eyes
Arm surrounds and falls
A landscape painted pale, and worn

Light screams red, a burning bush
Hope in the fields, hope in the mind
A warming sun makes fortune in the golden days
Gather the rays, building the time

Silence in the eyes…

Hide and seek, hand and voice
She will teach you, games of our time
Everyone speaks around you, but no-one hears
Your shadow is mine, your hand is in mine

Silence in the eyes…
He gets home after work, she greets him
He never says much, she complains
Her talk provides the conversation
Never minding that each day’s the same
He’s Paris, she’s Helen
They are the greatest lovers
Abelard and Eloise and
They’ll always be together

She sometimes watches while he’s reading
She still sees fire in tired eyes
It’s like a secret she is keeping
Remembering the boy’s still there inside
He’s Rhett and she’s Scarlet
They are the greatest lovers
Tristan and Isolde
They’ll always be together

He takes the outside of the pavement
He takes her hand to cross the road
She shops, he sometimes gets impatient
With her he’s happy being bored
She’s Buffy, he’s Angel
They are the greatest lovers
Hero and Leander
They’ll always be together

There might be changes now she’s older
But he can only recognise
The same girl she is now as when he told her
His love for her would never die
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