Swiss Disco

Green grows
Meet the Spring in temper
Sing as water flowing clear
Understanding, cool, sincere

Red rays
Warming Summer temper
Stimulating, rising air
Beaming happy, active, flair

Yellow falls
Harvest Autumn temper
Like a fire’s last display
Irritation, anger, grey

Black shrouds
Frozen Winter temper
Like the earth lies down to die
Ruminating, fearful, dry
Standing In For Love

He lifted her from chaos
From the matrix, from the lies
She landed on emotion and she flew
The next one came from nowhere
Read her future in his eyes
She exercised, but wanted something new
Careful what you wish for
Sometimes truth is what you see
His promise you invented warmed the days
Work was standing in for love
Your time outside was free
There’s nothing more
Number three was what he wanted
Counted, knew the score
He sang, she danced, she moved, she came to stay
Others came, you get the point
No need to number more
He never understood their need to play
St Rita's Matrix

Back to school
Start the game Change the name
Straight down the lines and love the rules
Sit for the wise who turn to fools
Take the train
Locked in silence Men as islands
Fly from the centre once again
Before they see what home contains
Night was short
Day was long
Prove to the weak that he was strong
Defend the ground he’s standing on
Prove he was right and others wrong
Count the years
Through the windows Watching time go
Staring through mist that never clears
Wait for an end that’s never near
Wrapped in thought
Blossom gone
Saint Rita never heard his song

Hold on, stay strong, more to say
Think fast, live long, show the way
Hold hands, stay warm, have your say
Head high, on form, work is play
Last call, don’t fall, end the day

The future was planned
With succession in hand
And determined the time to go
Who misunderstands
With a change in command
And it’s suddenly time to go
The time has come
To stand aside for better men
The past was minor key
And so you go

New men, old hands, more to say
Old head, new plans, show the way
Hands off, strong will, let them go
Hold back, stay still, watch them grow
Last call, don’t fall, end the day

The future was planned…

As a stranger come, like a stranger go
Fevers of a life are burning
Darkness now, light to grow
Elements of life returning

Hope in sun, love to grow
Glory of the music sounding
Only one, nothing else to know
Flowers spread in spring abounding

In darkest night, “lead kindly light”
Each step is sight, just one, one
Breathe power still, less now until
Each step ends night, each one, one

As a friend you came, as a friend you go
Embers of a life are glowing
Into fortune stare, into future lands
Elements of life are showing

In darkest night…
Folder Dressed In Blue

Notice board, Heard you break the news
Others bore, The heartache that ensues
A folder dressed in blue

Sympathised, Felt for friendly pain
Thinking tries, But fails to be the same
A folder dressed in blue

Now it’s us, For once you were concise
Without fuss, A shadow’s last goodbye
We had to talk, That’s what ’phones are for
A single spot, That was the world before
A folder dressed in blue

Horse’s mouth, The one who is the news
Heroes both, Courage clears the blues
A folder dressed in blue

Swallow, try, Try to speak again
A folder lies, The nothing it contains
After life, “not... enough for moan...
Motherless", In the wild alone
A folder dressed in blue
Jump, Jump

Jump, jump baby, obey your orders
As you leapt into my heart
Just don’t change into all the others
For they pulled our home apart

Jump, jump baby, I love the feeling
And it’s fresh air on my face
Lost in space, with my body reeling
There are crowds who’d take my place

You were the only lover
You’re the writing on the wall
Wait till the world discovers
They will answer to your call
You were on all the covers
You’re the star, you stole the scene
You’re like a sister, brother
You’re a rock, you’re king and queen

Jump, jump baby, you melt me smiling
And I’m thinking as I fall
I can’t help it, you’re so beguiling
I have no will left at all

Jump, jump baby, you just inspire
You’re the one that I revere
With you missing, there’s no desire
It’s too dark, too bleak, austere

You were the only lover…

Jump, jump baby, I hit the ground
And it’s time to tend my wounds
My lost baby, you can’t be found
Why did you let me down so soon?

Jump, jump baby, my world’s dissolving
You were meant to be alone
So sweet, I can’t help my absolving
You from fault, you’re still the one

You were the only lover…

Early train and leave the station
Wrapped in sleepy daze
Waking sun, day’s preparation
Golden morning haze
On the way, Settle down
Come the day,Labour done
By they go
Berwick, Morpeth, Durham fast
Before you know
Darlington and York are passed

Time and destination
Calling, coming near
Public occupation
Private disappears

Say goodbye, and early evening
Heading for the train
Back from south to north appealing
On the rails again
Under way, Settle down
After day, Labour done
By they go
Doncaster and York are passed
Before you know
Durham, Morpeth, Berwick fast

Time and destination
Calling, coming near
Journey termination
Private re-appears

Started early, under basement light
Ron and Charlotte tucked you in at night
Young and adamant and holy blessed
Found the right school
Found another fool

Tweez their names
Paint houses
Nice people
Bend rivers

Writing signatures on passing trends
Boarding passengers to stay as friends
Drawing sketches for your masterpiece
First the road bends
Then the deep end

Poor captains
Don’t sing words
Sing spiders
Night, my love

Congregations follow breadcrumb trails
Watch the rise and spread of different sails
Retrospectively they see the joy
In your odd mind
Yours is no kind
The Viper's Bite

In Modern Love we spend our nights
Alone, aside, the viper's bite
The offered hand brings cold surprise
The waking tears, the poison eyes

Drink silence long, crave innocence
Bring love once strong, but faded since
Think feelings reconstructed so
Sing feelings lost to others go

“She walks in beauty…”

Come arrows rain, and tear through flesh
Come wounds converge, the more to bless
Come transcendental pain to share
Come peace at last, come wedded care

The dream concludes, scales fall away
As night deludes, truth follows day
So help us learn how silence speaks
Come fire to clean the desperate weak
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