A Physical  Husband

Manipulating symbols
Trying not to lose the strands
His head is full of abstract concepts
No-one understands
Sometimes when he's thinking
He wants no-one else around

The irony's that no-one out there
Cares what he has found

Reconstructing nature
Building castles in the air
Other people's crass remarks
Are just too much to bear
Modelling the world
He finds he needs to be alone
Inclination, circumstances
Leave him on his own

Tries to share his world
With someone else who thinks like him
Builds a prison for her
And then tries to lock her in
Devotion to his work
Means that she's always at his side
He feels betrayed and angry
When she mentions life outside
The g Factor

Lives to think and the living's fine
Pointless puzzles taking endless time
Elysian fields on a Summer day
Hard to tell between work and play

Finding answers for the human mind
Reading everything that he can find
He bites the apple and he's in the know
Pain and anger as he starts to grow

Losing innocence and seeing light
He stops his reading and he starts to write
Dresses up what he wants to say
He wants to be noticed and he gets his way

Suddenly everyone wants to hear
Squalor and decadence and modern fear
They take his apple and they're in the know
Decline politely the chance to grow

Carrying torches for a hopeless cause
He isn't the fool they said he was
Stoking fires to inflame the row
He doesn't want to shelter now

Standing back to admire the scene
Happy as the deckhands scream
Fear and laughing are the only sounds
Cheering as the ship goes down

Mouse in Love

Out of luck and out of money
Living from day to day
Life was empty, no-one with me
Skies and prospects were grey

Then we met and we could see that
We were more than good friends
Ever since then I've been happy
And I hope it won't end

It's not like me to sing about love
But that's all that I'm thinking of
When you're away I fear the worst
That one day soon this bubble bursts

When I see you I can't help it
It's that look in your eyes
When you see me you look happy
I can't hide my surprise

People tell me that you're playing
People say you're leading me on
But I can't hear what they're saying
I won't imagine you gone

It's not like me to sing about love...
Selling the Party

United families in Northern towns
Living on thin ice, skating around
Walking away from obvious grace
Satisfied and ready to do without face

Platforms and stages going to ruin
Shoes and overcoats, ill-fitting, overworn
On the mainland of this great nation
Professional beggars can't do without more

Attempts to economise alleviate a little
Everyday worries and luxuries they can't afford
Absolute misery, relative ease
Statistical minorities can't do without more
And can't understand

Agents of caring intervene at random
Helping and hoping but altering less
Liberal principles, middle class guilt
Is salved for a return to habitual dreams
Recurring working class dreams

Tables set with glasses preserve an appearance
Ineffectual barriers to low self-esteem
Swearing, shouting, literary discourse
Effective language for low level lies

Looking for Harry Palmer

Revolver in his pocket
Cup of coffee in his hand
He picks up conversations
That he doesn't understand
He makes some notes and looks at them
And sighs and looks again
There's nothing there but how's your mum
They say it looks like rain

He stays behind the curtain
Watching people come and go
His finger's on the shutter
But his target doesn't show
He passes on inarticulate notes
And knocks off for the day
Buys an Evening Standard
And goes home on the train

Welcome to the world of espionage
Intelligence and MI5
Looking for Harry Palmer
Waiting for a spy
Welcome to the game of invisible ink
Assumed names and secret codes
Looking for Harry Palmer
Everywhere we go

Looking out for queen and country
No-one will ever know
Killing enemies with finesse
And the minimum of show
He says he's just a civil servant
And his pension is his aim
With a liking for the unexpected
And no two days the same

Welcome to the world of espionage...

Boys in cars, men in bars
Women and their ways
Have no appeal for you
Excitement's with your kind
Who cares if others mind
Your final statement's blue

Romantic, classic ideal
Artists and their ways
Make excitement grow
Paint the background red
Erect and off to bed
Like Carravaggio

Gardening at the edge
Waiting to grow
Life emerges new
The brightness of the sky
Refreshes as you die
Your explanation's blue

Celebrate, lie in state
Venus let you go
But Mars and David see
That love and art remain
When heaven draws the pain
Here's to your Jubilee

Celebrate, lie in state
Venus let you go
But mum and dad can see
Their little boy remains
When heaven draws the pain
And wait for Jubilee
Voices in the Garden

Awkward baby and awkward face
Never accepted and never placed
No-one anywhere feels the same
Fill your playground with private games

Knock on hearts and run away
Can't decide what you feel today
Giving away what you want to hide
Can't find words for what's inside

The temple's heavy and weighs you down
Ease the pressure without a sound
Losing innocence and feeling light
Sacrifice and get the image right

Parcel living that can't stay whole
Give up people to keep control
Makes the effort but won't stay long
Keep your anger till it gets too strong

Voices in the garden
A stranger in the park
Your daddy's girl no longer
And you're crippled in the dark
Babies turn to children
And before you know
Your little girl's a woman
And you have to let her go

Mixing passions resenting ties
Indulge in everything you despise
Ask for nothing and give the world
Wanted the woman but got the girl

Awkward baby and awkward face
Never accepted and never placed
No-one anywhere feels the same
Fill your playground with private games

Voices in the garden...

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Never Sin Again

Standing at the shelter
With her fingernails all chipped and red
Asks if he can help her
He'd like to take her home he said
She turned around and then and there
Thinks that they could go somewhere
Wonders what she's in for
As she waves goodnight and cries in bed

Showing off his children
His first wife left him long before
Wishes she had told him
She was jealous and she wanted more
She'll bide her time and make him see
She wants him exclusively
So his little burden
Was the first one to be shown the door

He was always helpful
Doing jobs around the house
She was always cheerful
His loving, loyal dancing mouse
To the world outside it seemed
They were living love's young dream

He would like to see her
Entertaining other men
Never going near her
Jealous but excited when
She told him only he could find
What she wanted, never mind
She would make it clear
She would never sin again

Picking up a plaything
Giving lifts to lonely girls
Never saying anything
That gave away their secret world
Use them up and drink them dry
Close the lid and watch them die
He could do the hiding
Secrets kept behind the wall

Living life without him
Since he opted to curtail the game
Reminders all around them

That fun would never be the same
At last she found that she could cry
Because he never said goodbye
From Our Own Correspondent

Drinks long, drinks soft, drinks in colour
Conducting Britannia for pleasure
No bargaining here in a foreign trade
A normal ending, stop at your leisure

Influential on the island
Have confidence in yourself
Don't sink into a torpor
We are offering help

Can't reduce the heat, can't face the issue
On the face of it our hands are tied
Inspiration, ideas are coming
We can't help but meet your every demand

Trees are burning, shaking off water
In the cool of the day
Your visit is over, do come again
Devices and camera crews

Land balance, literary structure
Congratulations are due
Have you heard from us already
We weren't aware of you

No bargaining here, move on all fronts

There cannot but be disruption
An expansion, increase on your baseline
For a time we thought you were burning

Why free yourself from the fire
You are young and in love
We won't take you into the service
Unless we guarantee your release

Land balance, literary structure...
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