Colours thrill me
Rainbows, flowers, paint the world with
Light and beauty
Colours can take you there

Numbers thrill me
Capture what the world is hiding
Fact or theory
Numbers can take you there

Walking thrills me
Put one foot before the other
Places to see
Walking can take you there

Singing thrills me
Raises talking to devotion
Thinking heavenly
Singing can take you there

People thrill me
Friends and family all around and
No more lonely
People can take you there
Fathers and sons

Through the air our thoughts are tied
When we are both alone
A channel shared, a voice inside
Keeps you close to home
The times between, when we don’t hear
Your simple day-to-day
So much unseen, you still are near
You’ve gone, but you stay

O, the heartbeats fathers and sons
See the glory of fathers and sons

Through the years we’re hand in hand
Footprints as a path
A way was cleared to understand
That this connection lasts
As heavens turn, and learning grows
And burdens weigh you down
Our light still burns, our baby knows
Where safety can be found

O, the heartaches of fathers and sons
See the glory of fathers and sons

Years from now when thoughts have died
And you are on your own
A remnant of the light inside
Reminds you of home
A light that burns, though fading now
A warming after glow
A light returned, to yours endowed
To live the love we know

O, the heart makes us fathers and sons
See the glory of fathers and sons
The man in the islands

The man in the islands holds all the cards
Seeing beyond the shore
He lives in the weather where life is hard
Where none of us wants to go

Waits for a story to tell the truth
Happy to take his time
Never use two words where none will do
Waits for the prose to shine

Writing for shirts buttoned without ties
In search of a public face
Imagining how someone with his eyes
Appears to a finer taste

Dreaming of Vikings in open seas
Dreaming of Celtic haze
Weaving with time as he paints his frieze
Letting the voices say

Hard to unravel his secret aims
Running beneath his eyes
Changing the rules as he plays the game
Waiting for closer rhymes

The sea rushes in and removes the waves
Parting the empty sands
Gone to the peace that his nature craves
Safe in his mother’s hands
Land and sea

Earth shakes man he holds the side
Back from where the fathers lie
Back from where the ground was home
Face the east where cliffs are thrown

Fathers did what fathers knew
Sons were raised kept nothing pure
Mothers raised the heirs of land
Men and women hand in hand

Cast beside the rock and shore
Lost, betraying life before
Learning how to live again
Starting where the record ends

Stand before the mast and see
Men who bind to you are free
Stand before them, show the way
Men who follow come the day

Go down to the sea to find
Life lives in the waters blind
Life to bring back home again
Life is growing, silver rain

Scream the storm and fear the sea
Wonders that he brought to be
Souls melt children fear the king
Home at peace the angels sing

High on the Conino plateau
Here is Flagstaff Arizona
Oak creek with its painted mesas
In the east the painted deserts
Smell of pine pervades, perfuses
Red Conino sandstone houses
Dudes kick spurs and drink cool beer
While blacks and Mexicans cut timber

Walking though Arizona
Spending a year on my own
Leaving an old world behind me
Finding pleasure in being alone

Walnut canyon disappears behind
Along the interstate 89
Finding Mormon homes in Pine Creek
Houses scarred, reserved and lonely
Little people water orchards
Tend their animals roaming free
Ignoring tourists in the summer
Ignoring hunters in the fall

Walking though…

Tonto natural bridge approaches
Travertine fills pine creek canyon
Payson on the frontier still
Low grade rodeos and cowboys
Rye and Maztal, Tonto basin
Roosevelt Lake provides the ending
Little town that serves the water
Below the waves the settlers crossing

Walking though…
The tall blonde

Beat your breaking heart
Dance your twisted ways
Don’t play to the crowd
Don’t compromise first
Don’t cultivate praise

Sweet but rebel mood
Time passed in the breach
Time didn’t do harm
Time filtered the good

How long
How long to Loftholdingswood

The dance is done
We cried for years
The pink skinned man saw truth in our tears
Your fragile skin
Was conscience clear
You paid each kiss with the veil of your tears

Green, grey, blue the strings
Six years minor keys
Draw pictures of pain
Draw milk from the pail
Draw blood when you please

Bleed your angry mood
Make other men dance
Makes enemies cry
Like enemies should

How long
How long since Loftholdingswood

The anger’s cold
In all these years
The tall blonde girl never wanted his tears
Your fragile sound
Brings winter cheer
You caught our throat with the veil of your tears

He’s so Eurovision
Simple tunes that hide precision
Clever words to hurt her feelings
Girls, they don’t mind when you’re cool
He outshines Apollinaire
He brings out the doll in her
Tells her words are incidental
Girls wait in line when you’re cool

And all around her she hears laughter
She never feels the heat from boys
Rose-tinted lenses ever after
Poupée de cire, poupée de son

She’s so controversial
Inciting teenage rituals
Wants her boys on motorcycles
To be in line and be cool
He sings life as miserable
Golden Lights are irresistible
Brings her back for new attention
And she’s in line to be cool

His heart is full when he’s singing
He knows that love is not in songs
Takes forbidden pleasures while he’s winning
Canon de cire, canon de son

He’s so uncontrollable
Talking back but staying lovable
Knows his mind keeps him attractive
Likes to be told he is cool

She wants to live inside her singing
He put the sun inside her hair
Borrowed sun and roses are not living
Chouette de cire, chouette de son

He’s so influential
Miteux and continental
Given love and understanding
That’s what it’s like to be cool
The red shadow

Change the green into black and white
Purge the night with permanent red
Landscape razed, only seen in flight
Raise a model town to the dead
Keep a hammer safe for a bigger fight
Keep the shadow under the bed

The fire rages perpetual heat
Monsters swallow and kneel
The ribbon runs in perpetual sheets
The blades cut square in the steel
It’s all the music they ever hear
A dismal human lament
The noise is loud but the tune is clear
Solid, pounding, intent

From a green hill industry looks so small
To witness, stop and receive
The heads and horns of the form that falls
From a height where angels can breathe
A welcome silence, a louder call
Revelation, future, believe

The fire rages…

All these years
Meeting here
In our place
Just like every time
You talking
Me listening
Smiling face
Wrapped in all your lines

When I saw you go away
I thought that this was over
But it’s just the same today

Girls like you
Are so few
And you’re mine
Ears are all I need
Good and bad
Times you had
Held the line
I follow your lead

Never thought you were the one
Grew between the others
In my sky always the sun

Time goes by
Hours fly
We’re here still
Wrapped in others’ sound

Now I know you’ll never go
Others still deserve you
I still see your goodness grow

Time to go
We both know
‘Bye until
Back to claim our ground
Scarred by love

Who could harm her when they see
He was as fair, as any in his position can be
The future is done, they wait for the past to return
Addicts to affection, abstainers from time

She could hope but he could see
Lying in peace, who can dance as fine as we
Darkness appears, the mood goes from sadness to fear
No more affection, the end of their time

Lying in peace, here is love
And it has left her scarred
Here is love, interim needs
And they have left her scarred

She is blinded, he can see
Closeness remains, but empty when love disappears
Hard to believe, something so fair was conceived
Voices against him, a victim of time

Lying in peace…

They will conquer, they will see
Counting the days, till it’s done and they are free
You can’t look back, just replacing emotion with facts
Absent affection, love wasted by time

Lying in peace…

Leaves leave the trees
The church/view outside the window clears
And wonder why it took these years
To stop time
Four times on the floor

I can hardly recognise the faces
Smiling at the things that you have done
Changing rules and men and changing faces
Making sure that you’re the only one

You never thought that this could be so easy
You pushed the wall and it came tumbling down
History and fate hand out the prizes
If you make the acts outdo the sounds

Making life uneasy for the brothers
Deaf to your ideas and banging drums
The’ve got you, how could they love another
They don’t appreciate how far they’ve come

You never thought…

Spin the words and make a good impression
Don’t be too precise in what you say
Four times on the floor’s a heavy lesson
Keep the faithful warm from day to day

You never thought…
Time alone

There’s room in the attic to sing about lives
And show their poetry
There’s more to be said and the eloquence hides
The life that chains you here
The nights are too long as you wait for the spring
And end unconsciously
Time alone brings fear

There’s room in her life for the letters you made
And where the rest is shown
There’s more that she needs than the lines that evade
And leave the truth unknown
The days are too long and she waits for your call
So you can live in stone
Time alone brings fear

Only observing preserving oblique
Only unhappy in attitude speaks
What will survive is the record we see
Time alone brings fear

There’s room for the others to retell the life
And miss the poetry
The man in the fire, the list of asides
Are who you used to be
The emphasis changes, the legacy slides
But what they still don’t see
Time alone brings fear

Only observing…
The dance of the black mouse

Facing danger in every action
Hoarding compliments, hiding treasure
Never mentioned in your dispatches
Always waiting on your displeasure

Flirting, flattering, fighting, friendly
None so busy, with no assisting
What you value is small and empty
Your achievement has hollow ringing

Time imagining left excluded
Find the weakness and help survival
Then you realise what is stupid
My deliverance, my arrival